Like many who come from southern California, I grew up a UCLA fan watching UCLA football, UCLA basketball, wearing UCLA t-shirts, everything. Six years ago I was watching a game with my dad and my little brother when this guy by the name of Russell Westbrook came off the bench. In his sophomore year starting point guard at the time, Darren Collison, went down with an injury and Westbrook became the starter. I was an instant fan. I loved the energy he brought and the way he played the game. He had an intensity about him that made him thrilling to watch.

Today the two-time all-star is the most scrutinized player on the Oklahoma City Thunder roster. Some say he's too cocky (like over half the players in the NBA aren't), some say they don't like his attitude, that he's too emotional and that he has a chip on his shoulder. The fact of the matter is, he does and for good reason. Some argue he's not a "true" point guard but in this ever evolving game we love called basketball, each position and how its played is in a constant state of change. And Russell Westbrook, at only 23 years old, is an evolving player. But for that argument I'll leave you with this quote from Scott Brooks who sums it up best by saying "he may not be your point guard, but he's my point guard."  Returning to the first augments though, regarding his attitude, I leave you with this video. Let it shine some light on to who he really is and why he plays with the emotion that he does.